For the past few years the “awake” people across the UK, have watched our world dissolve into chaos.  Never before has the need for self sufficiency & self responsibility ever been greater.  Never before have we lived in a time where the need for community has ever been stronger than right now.   Never before have we ever felt the call so strongly to unite our communities and stand together- sharing our knowledge and abilities to empower us all.

When it comes to “self sufficiency”  &  “Self Responsibility”, the greatest need at this moment in time is: FOOD

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener, or have never even seen a potato or pumpkin plant in your entire life, now is the time to expand your knowledge and to learn all about how to grow your own food. 

In Burntwood Staffordshire, a small group of people came together because they saw what was going on in the world around them, and they recognized the need to build a local community for like-minded people. After a few months of regular weekly meetings to discuss the latest news and global & local insanity, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

When people are inspired they can move mountains..... and build gardens!

None of the people in the Burntwood Freedom Group was a farmer.  None of the people in the group knew anything about permaculture.  None of the people in the group knew about building soil, keeping bees, raising chickens & rabbits, or growing orchards…..

… But they do now!!

A small group of people can do amazing things when they decide to DO amazing things.  They cleared away some land full of brambles, trees, nettles, shrubs and PILES of industrial/building rubbish.  They came together and LEARNED all about permaculture organic gardening.  They taught themselves how to make organic super plant food, how to make nutrient dense soil super fast.  They researched how to grow all the veggies they needed, and how to build raised garden beds, and the best ways to organically/naturally keep the pests away from the crops.

All of this was accomplished in just the last 7 months!!!

And if we can do it, so can YOU!

Want to visit the Freedom Garden?

On July 15th we held our first open session at the Burntwood Freedom Garden, for a group of home educating families.

We will be hosting regular events in the garden, with hands on demonstrations, talks about all things Green & Natural, and we’ll pass on everything we’ve learned so that YOU can take that knowledge back to your own families and communities and create a better future!

Build it and they will come....

It’s TIME to focus on building Strong Resilient Communities.

Lets Get Together and Make a New Path Forward.

Self Responsible, Self Reliant, Self Sustaining, Self Empowered

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